Dental Implants

A missing tooth or teeth can really affect how you feel about your smile. Dental implants are becoming a popular choice to replace missing teeth. At Stourcote Dental Practice our team are highly experienced in placing implants and helping you to get that confident smile back once again.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are artificial teeth attached to the jaw bone using titanium screws. Such implants can replace one tooth or several teeth, using a bridge or implant-retained denture. Once they are fitted, dental implants act like natural teeth and require similar care. It is important to keep up with maintenance appointments for implants so that they remain in good condition. When implants are placed in the jaw, it stimulates the remaining bone to grow and mesh around the metal, along with tiny blood vessels. Once finished the implant-supported tooth replacement looks, feels and functions just like a natural tooth.

Single Tooth Replacement

If you have only one missing tooth then a single-tooth implant in Stourbridge is an ideal solution for your smile. It is often the easiest and simplest way of restoring the stability and aesthetics of the mouth without damaging the adjacent teeth as with a bridge or denture. The aim of this treatment is to preserve the bone and balance your bite in a way that is comfortable and suited to you.

Multiple Teeth Replacement

If more than one tooth has been lost it is possible to have 2 or more implants adjacent to one another. It is also possible to have implants joined together with a bridge so that you do not need an individual implant per tooth.
This procedure can be much more cost effective than individual implant replacements and as the implants join together as a fixed bridge, less surgery is involved. This means minimal cutting of the gums and quicker healing!

Full Arch Dental Implants

If you have lost all your teeth we can provide dental implants to support or anchor a fixed stable permanent aesthetic bridge. The number of dental implants required to support a full arch bridge will depend on the shape and thickness of your jaw bone, the number of teeth required, the type of bridge required and the opposing teeth. A full arch of dental implants can be placed when the teeth have been missing for a long time or when the remaining teeth have failed and require removing.

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