General Dentistry

It’s never too late for a check-up, put your mind at rest, book your appointment at Stourcote Dental practice today!

During your appointment, our dentist will take their time to listen and understand your concerns and needs. We will go through the following:


An assessment of your teeth.


An assessment of you gums and oral hygiene.


Oral cancer screening.


Jaw pains and joint examination.


Check your bite.


Any clinical photographs or x-rays if required.


Review your dental care regime and provide recommendations specific to you and different options we could take. You will be given a printed copy of your treatment plan, including a cost breakdown.

Accepting New Patients
We are currently accepting new patients for general dental health care. We offer flexible dental plans which have been tailored to include your recommended yearly dental health care, but at an affordable and manageable price.

Please call us on 01384 394 215 / 01384 392 196 or or email us at
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