Do you grind or clench your teeth but a mouth guard doesn’t suit you? Mouth guards are not for everyone, especially if you have an exaggerated gag reflex and also if you suffer throughout the day (as compliance with day use is typically poor). However, with Cerezan it uses the latest technology to help prevent you from grinding/clenching your teeth and the best part is, they don’t go in the mouth!

“Cerezen is a unique, pioneering medical solution that effectively treats TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders) and associated symptoms such as Jaw Pain, Jaw Clenching and Tension Headaches which can be worn day and night. Cerezen is a clinically effective, safe to use treatment, using custom made discreet hollow inserts that fit your ears.” Quoted from Cerezen

Why Would I Want To Have Cerezen?

Cerezan is a great devices for patients who:

  • Suffer with jaw ache/headaches or other symptoms that your dentist believes is related with teeth grinding/clenching
  • You can’t use a bite guard due to a gag reflex
  • You grind/clench throughout the day (more common than you may think)

Unlike mouth guarded Cerezen actually encourages you subconsciously to not grind/clench your teeth, as a mouth guard only protects the teeth from wear.

Cerezen goes inside your ears and you can wear it day and night. Cerezen works on the concept that your ear canal are located closer to the TMJ  (Temporomandibular Joint) than your mouth. And as we put our teeth together, the ear canals will close (you can feel this movement if you put your finger in your ear). When your mouth closes whilst you’re using your Cerezen, it keeps the ear canal in an open position (you don’t notice this). This in turn sends biofeedback to the brain saying it is uncomfortable. The only way for your body to correct itself, is by returning the jaw to a relaxed position (with the teeth not touching). This effectively breaks the habit of clenching/grinding subconsciously, and you will start to notice your pain symptoms alleviate.

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