Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are used to fill in holes (caused by decay) in your teeth.

Why would you want composite fillings?

When tooth decay sets in and erodes away the tooth structure, holes can start to appear. Its very important that these holes are not left untreated as bacteria can start to creep in and cause further complications with the tooth (leading to potential tooth loss).

Composite is a friendlier white material (than amalgam) that is made to blend in with your natural tooth. So not only will it plug up the hole (cavity) but it will also be more aesthetically pleasing than a silver filling.

Have you got amalgam fillings (silver) and would like to update to a composite filling (white)? Here’s an example of what our dentists can do, your composite filling won’t only be tooth coloured but also tooth shaped. It’s amazing how realistic they look.

Pictures show work by Maria Sotto-Mayor

How to prevent cavities

We are big advocates for preventative dentistry. What this means is, we want to look after your natural teeth for as long as possible. The best treatment in dentistry is to prevent problems from occurring.

Cavities are linked with poor oral hygiene and the foods/drinks you consume. Sugar is our teeth’s worst enemy. Sugar leaves a film over our teeth which in turn creates an acid, that actively eats away at our teeth. For best practice, it is advisable to brush your teeth after every meal to remove any left over food debris or sugary film.

Now we know that after every meal can seem quite extreme – but this would be the gold standard to taking care of teeth. The daily guidelines are at least twice a day (which can still deliver very good oral hygiene).

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