Regular dental examinations are important. They enable your dentist to indicate any potential problems early and monitor your soft tissues for any changes.

Why Should You Attend Your Check Up?

Keeping on top of your oral health can help to prevent problems, which means that you can reduce the amount or treatments such as filling, crowns, etc you need to have, which saves you time and money.

What Do We Look For During Your Check Up?

During your examination your dentist isn’t only checking your teeth but also your gums and soft tissues. The dentist will check your teeth for decays (occasionally x-rays are necessary) and will monitor you soft tissues and glands for any changes compared to your last appointment, this helps them identify thing like; problems with your thyroid and cancer. Unfortunately, the number of people diagnosed with mouth cancer in the UK is on the increase, but our routine cancer screenings can identify problems sooner and can save your life.

The dentist will also advise you on how to look after your teeth and gums to ensure your mouth stays healthy.

Children also need regular appointments to get them used to the dentist and just like adults children can develop problems like decays. The dentist will advice children on oral heath regimes and help them prevent problems in the future.

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