Dental Extractions

dental extraction is the term used to describe the removal of a tooth.

Why would you want a tooth extracted?

They may be necessary for various reasons, most commonly the tooth is past restorable due to the tooth being heavily decayed or the tooth’s nerve is dead. An extraction is carried out as a last resort, as your natural teeth will always be the best you can get (and we are strong advocates for looking after your teeth for as long as possible). You may need a root canal to try and save the tooth, but unfortunately these don’t have a 100% success rate (but are still a preferred option, if possible, to try and save your tooth).

Other reasons to extract a tooth

If you are going to have a teeth straightening treatment (braces) and there is overcrowding in the mouth, an extraction may be required to create the space needed to straighten you teeth. Also if you have been suffering with gum disease your teeth may be extremely mobile and the teeth may not be saveable. To prevent further tooth loss it is very important to get your gum disease treated as soon as possible (please ask us if you are worried about losing your teeth).

Dental Extraction

How are teeth extracted?

Extractions can be carried out under a local anaesthetic (to numb the area of the extraction), however you can be referred for sedation if you prefer. Some patients may also need to be referred to hospital if they have specific heath conditions or the extraction is more complicated (maybe because the roots are curved).

During an extraction you shouldn’t feel any pain due to the local anaesthetic however you will feel pressure.

What happens next?

Prior to having your tooth extracted, your dentist will speak to you with regards to tooth replacement options. Its important to understand that not only will a missing tooth effect the aesthetics of your smile but the site of the missing tooth will suffer from bone resorption, which is when the bone starts to fade away, and it can lead to further tooth loss.

There are multiple ways to replace missing teeth, from dental implants, bridges, dentures, and we will happily discuss all the suitable options for you.

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