Loyal Patient Dennis Evans 95 gets a check-up at home from Stourcote dental practice Dr Jaswinder Jandu.

It’s heartening to see that there are still loyal patients still going strong even in these uncertain times. Although 95 and staying at home during the pandemic, Dennis Evans still wanted to have his regular dental check-up. Dr Jandu Clinical Director of Stourcote Dental Practice was happy to oblige. Dr Jaz made a home visit to make sure that his teeth were strong and healthy and do a quick scale and clean and as a thank you for staying with the practice through all these times, He surprised both Denis and Brenda with a bottle of good cheer for the festive season.

Noticing that Dennis and Brenda were so caring for each other, Dr Jaswinder asked the secret to a long and happy marriage for them both? Immediately they responded, “Ballroom Dancing of course!!” and proudly led Dr Jandu to a whole wall covered in trophies and medals for their dancing exploits.

As keen fans of Strictly come dancing, they still go dancing whenever they can, and it keeps them fit and healthy and a zest for life! “It’s the one thing we enjoy, and it keeps us going. We always get a lift out of it, and it’s helped us in our marriage of 70 years – we had our Platinum wedding anniversary in 2021, and it was lovely.”

Dr Jandu was so impressed by their tenacity, and the one thing that really struck him was, “I was so touched to hear so much of their life together – I could have listened for ages to all their stories. There is so much we can learn from couples like Denis and Brenda.”

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