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Stourcote Most people would simply describe us as dentists but what we actually do is help people improve their confidence through improving their smile. We can provide you with routine dental care, plus cosmetic treatments such as Tooth whitening Invisible braces Dental Implants Minor Oral Surgery or even a full smile makeover! If you have


The Effect Diabetes Has On The Mouth


Maintaining good oral health is important for reasons beyond what goes on in the mouth itself. Your oral health may be compromised by your overall health – stress, for example, can lead to a series of oral health complications. Is this also true of diabetes? Unfortunately, the answer is yes Diabetes can lead to mouth

The Effect Diabetes Has On The Mouth2020-07-18T13:17:01+01:00

What’s A Scale & Polish?


Why Do You Need Regular Appointments With The Hygienist? The scale and polish is designed to give your teeth a thorough cleaning which is much more effective than brushing alone as the hygienist is able to reach the difficult areas that you miss at home. There are millions of bacteria in the mouth at

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TePe’s Online Shop


Tepe have launched a new service to buy their products online. This is great news, especially if you have been struggling to get hold of them. Their products include: Interdental brushes (all the different sizes) Original Angle Extra soft Easy pick TePe Online Shop What Is Interdental Cleaning? The gaps between are

TePe’s Online Shop2020-05-19T19:53:15+01:00

Boost Your Confidence With Dental Implants


Meet Dr Dinesh Phakkey Our Implant Dentist Dinesh has been with the practice since October; however he has 15 years experience in placing implants and has found a real passion for his job. Our patients have really warmed to Dinesh and he has achieved amazing results for our patients. What Are Dental Implants? A

Boost Your Confidence With Dental Implants2020-01-28T13:44:01+00:00

There’s Strength In A Smile


There’s strength in a smile. A smile can disarm the guarded and revive the weary. Your smile is so important to not only you, but your smile can make someone else’s day. Smiles are rated one of the most attractive features, you wouldn’t want to hide yours. Did You Know? Smiling boosts your immune system

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