Orthodontics at Stourcote Dental Practice in Stourbridge

Orthodontics is a method of dental treatment to straighten and move teeth by using a fixed or removable orthodontic appliance.  By placing consistent pressure and force on teeth, it is possible to move teeth into better positions in the upper or lower jaw. This helps because teeth are better aligned, your bite is improved when eating foods, teeth are easier to clean, You can smile with confidence, and the overall health of your mouth improves as you no longer catch your mouth in your teeth when chewing.

Treatment times vary considerably from patient to patient, depending on the movement needed. If you need your teeth straightened, you can be assessed by one of our orthodontists, who will advise the best treatment for you.

Benefits of having braces

The primary benefit is to improve the long-term health of your teeth, mouth gums, and jaw joints by aligning your teeth so that the least amount of wear occurs on your teeth.  This is because pressure from chewing and clenching the jaw is spread evenly over your teeth.

You no longer have to be young to wear braces. Technology has moved on so that anyone can now have their teeth straightened. There are more choices than ever on how to get your teeth straightened, so the costs and treatment times can be varied to suit you.