Invisalign is the revolutionary way in straightening your teeth to get your dream smile. These clear removable aligners are practically invisible and utilizes the latest in align technology to gradually move your teeth into position.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign offers a series of custom made clear aligners that are worn one after the other to gradually straighten your teeth over the course of the treatment. Each aligner will roughly be worn for about two weeks at a time before moving onto your next one. The last aligner of the series will then also double up as your retainer (to ensure your teeth do not suffer a relapse). One of the other benefits of this teeth straightening system is the fact you will need to attend the dentist less regularly compared to traditional braces (every 6-8 week appointments).

Removable – Invisalign Aligners can be removed to eat, brush or floss and you may choose to remove them briefly for special occasions.

Effective – Teeth alignment will start straight away so even before your Invisalign treatment has finished, you will begin enjoying the benefits of a better smile.

Invisible – Invisalign Aligners are virtually invisible, so no-one will notice you’re straightening your teeth.

Comfortable – Invisalign Aligners are comfortable to wear as there are no metal wires or brackets that could potentially irritate your mouth or gums. Some people may experience temporary minor discomfort at the beginning of each new treatment stage when they insert a new aligner.

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