Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is very important to keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy. By following a strict regime daily you will be less likely to develop further dental complications.

Guideline to dental hygiene

The guidelines recommend that you:

→ Brush your teeth a minimum of twice a day, for at least two minutes each time

→ Floss once a day

→ Use a (fluoride) mouthwash for tooth decay protection

As well as practicing this daily, it is also recommended to come and see a dental hygienist every six months (unless advised otherwise by your dentist/hygienist). This is so we can see those hard to reach areas in your mouth and give you a deep clean. If there are any stubborn build ups of plaque, using our professional tools we can remove them safely for you. (if left untreated you may start to experience dental pain as tooth decay sets in).

Why is looking after our teeth important?

Our mouths are havens for bacteria. This is heavily influenced by our diets and the temptation to put things in our mouth to chew on (pen lids, finger nails) etc. Sugar in the foods and drinks we consume are effectively fueling the bacteria which produces the acid that attacks our teeth. This is what leads to the holes in our teeth (cavities/caries).

It’s important we do our daily oral hygiene rituals as it helps to take a proactive approach to removing the build up of bacteria. However, sometimes we may not be as thorough as we intended, which is why it is so important to regularly come and see a dental hygienist.

In the early stages of tooth decay cavities will start to appear in the teeth. Initially you may not even notice them as pain is not always the first sign. When it gets to the pain stage it can mean that bacteria is creeping into the tooth and causing issues around the nerve. If this becomes infected, to save the tooth you may need a root canal. In the worst case scenarios, you could potentially lose a tooth and then will need to consider a tooth replacement option.

We always advise our patients to invest time in their oral hygiene routine and to see our hygienist regularly as in the long run it can save you a lot of hassle (with complications) and money (to fix any complications).

What is Bacteria, Plaque and Tartar?

Bacteria is microorganisms that occur naturally in our mouths. Bacteria can also be found everywhere, from the food we eat, on our hands etc. So it’s very easy for more bacteria to end up in our mouths. As bacteria builds up in our mouths, it eventually turns into plaque. Its a sticky and colourless substance. Both food, fluids and saliva will aid its growth. Plaque is extremely detrimental to the health of our teeth and is one of the main causes for gum disease (if left untreated). If plaque is not removed, it eventually hardens into tartar which cannot be removed by conventional brushing alone, and will require a dental professional to remove.

Airflow Teeth Polishing

As well as our traditional hygiene treatments we also offer airflow teeth polishing. We made this fun short video to show the power of this stain removal technique on a very dirty penny.

Why come and see out dental hygienist?

We are very pro preventive dentistry which is all about looking after your mouths and teeth to reduce the chances of developing future dental complications. Combining both a check up with a dentist and seeing the dental hygienist we can ensure your teeth are healthy and spot any potential issues to treat early on. Regular preventative care will help keep your natural teeth for longer and will also save you money on restorative dental care.

What to expect during a visit with the hygienist

Seeing the hygienist is a very straight forward appointment where they will scale the teeth and then polish them for a nice finish. Initially they will use an ultra-sonic scaler, which sounds worse than it is. It vibrates at an extremely fast speed and shoots water. It’s a great tool to reach the very difficult places to clean. We can dislodge any food that may of been trapped and can tackle tough build ups of tartar. For any smaller spaces between teeth (interproximal), we have special tools that can reach in these areas to safely remove any build ups.

The last part of the treatment gives your teeth a nice polish. We use a brush that rotates and a special toothpaste to give your teeth a nice sheen. Your teeth will feel very fresh and will look cleaner.

If you are due to see a dental hygienist our friendly reception team will be happy to help you. Please do not hesitate to call us today.

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